10 DIY Candles to Gift, Decorate or Set The Mood

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Homemade candles are incredibly popular and, the majority of the time, even better than those we can see in the shop – much more cost-effective too! Thankfully, there are a lot of tutorials out there that are going to instruct us how to whip some up directly in our own kitchens.

All these 10 DIY candles can be gifted, used to decorate the house or simply set the mood for a romantic night in. Check them out below!


You can try DIY wax with the astronaut shape like the image above, surely you never imagined before to create this form of the astronaut.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Surely you know the cardboard characters of this one. Yep, he is a SpongeBob with yellow body shape, this character is very suitable made and used as a gift for the little boy


This one shape fits perfectly in giving for girls because girls are very fond of cute animals.


Unicorn is a mythical creature that tangible horses with a horn on the forehead. If the word Cornus is associated with the term horn, then it signifies horns. With the cute shape of the animal is also very suitable to be offered as a gift

Cat and Fish

Fish is a favorite food cat, but when combined both and made a DIY candle is this very. Suitable for display at your home or room